The building is found in Palizzi, in the extreme south of the Italian peninsula, other than Aspromonte, the Apennine chain looks directly onto the Ionic Sea, in exactly the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the territory evokes the ancient presence of the Magna Grecia.  These places are those of which the travelers and artists Edward Lear and Maurits Cornelis Esher found of great fascination, for the spectacular marvels of nature. The country house and grounds appertaining to the Pansera family from the beginning of the 90’s have been restored and restructured with the assistance and aid of the ‘Regional Laboratory of Scientific Research applied to historical centers’ of the faculty of Architecture- Architectural Urbanistic Patrimony Department (P.A.U.), Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, in full respect to the original structure and construction. Infact materials as the new historic lime of Palizzi , mixed in the traditional method with the ‘pastazzo’, which is executed using the remnants of the exactions from the Bergamot fruit, the refinements and tiling done with handmade materials and stone from Palizzi.