In the immediate vicinity of the Agritourism you can visit differing important historical, cultural and environmental locations: the antique, suggestive subburb of Palizzi, its castle and ‘Rock’, and little habitats inside which can be found and visited the wine cellars, constructed in the actual rock side, where the nominated I.G.T. red wine of Palizzi can be bought; the ruins and remains of the synagogue of Bova Marina, from the 4th Century d.c , now retained as being the most ancient eastern synagogue after the Ancient Host; the ancient subburb of Bova, in the heart of the Hellenic Area, included in the prestigious list of the most beautiful villages in Italy; Pentidattilo, a village built into the rock of the cliff of Monte Calvario, from the suggestive configuration that recalls five colossal fingers, from which it gets its name; the Roman villa of Palazzi Casagnana, with its residential complex and thermal implants dating from the 1st century d. c, richly decorated in mosaics, considered one of the most important archeological sites of the imperial era of Southern Italy.

The city of Gerace , also listed as one of the most beautiful in Italy, developed in Byzantine -Medieval style, originating from the Locri Epizefiri , one of the most important capitals of the Magna Grecia; the city of Reggio Calabria that hosts the National Archeological Museum, home to the Bronzes of Riace and famous sea front,the most beautiful kilometre of Italy”; the mythical Scilla with its marine village and enchanting beach.